Justin Lin Discussing Terminator 5 With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Coming off his recent success with Fast Five, director Justin Lin is teaming up with Universal again for the fourth Terminator sequel, Terminator 5. While the fifth film in the hit sci-fi action series is on hold until star Arnold Schwarzenegger finishes shooting the thriller The Last Stand, Lin has already met with the actor to discuss the project.

Indiewire is reporting that Lin has also unofficially met with original Terminator writer-director James Cameron. Lin has said that the film is something he’s been having a lot of fun with, and Cameron was gracious to speak to him. The Fast Five director added that while Cameron won’t have any involvement with the fifth Terminator, his input and advice is appreciated.

Since the success of Fast Five this past spring, Lin has been approached with offers to direct several franchise sequels besides Terminator, including Die Hard 5. However, his first confirmed project will be Fast and Furious 6, which is set to be released May 24, 2013.

Lin has said he’s honored that he’s been approached by numerous studios to film franchises that he loves. But, he’s had to decline most of them as he won’t be able to exert the degree of creative control he wants. Lin has also said that while he’s passionate about directing Terminator 5, he hasn’t officially signed up  helm the project yet.

If the actions and stunts featured in Fast Five are any indication of the director’s continued talents, he will certainly be a good choice for the classic sci-fi franchise. Tell us, what do you think of Lin’s possible involvement in Terminator 5? Do you want to see him behind the camera?