Karl Urban Says The Dredd Sequel Is Up To The Fans



2012’s Dredd was a bit of a mixed bag. Some hated it and some loved it. Personally, I thought it was a solid attempt to bring back the character and re-introduce him to a new audience. Unfortunately, the box office didn’t agree with me as the final numbers rolled in at around $32 million, failing to make back its $50 million budget. Blu-Ray/DVD sales were much stronger but we still haven’t heard any official confirmation on a sequel.

Despite everything, Karl Urban, who starred as the titular character, is still hopeful that a Dredd 2 will find its way into theatres one day. While at Comic-Con 2013, the actor said that they are doing everything they can to make it happen.

Check out his quote below:

“The more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter, write-in to Lionsgate saying ‘we want to see more of this,’ then the more likelihood we will get to see it; we’re certainly doing everything we can to make sure it happens.”

We know that the ideas for a sequel are there, as in the past both Urban and the film’s writer, Alex Garland, discussed where they can take a second film and even revealed that they had plans for a potential trilogy. It would be a shame if their ideas never came to fruition.

At this stage, the film has acquired a pretty large cult following and many people are asking for a sequel. No doubt Lionsgate has taken notice of this and I think it’s only a matter of time before we get an official announcement. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

What do you think? Are you hoping for a Dredd sequel? Did you enjoy the first film? Let us know in the comments below.

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