Kate Winslet Set To Lead Lee Miller Biopic


Eager to keep the biopic train rolling along, Kate Winslet has inked a deal to topline a new film focusing on Elizabeth “Lee” Miller, a celebrated fashion model, artist and war correspondent.

Hot on the heels of her appearance as Macintosh developer Joanna Hoffman in Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs, Winslet is remaining firmly in the genre of real-life dramas with this new, as-yet-untitled project, which is to be produced by Troy Lum and Andrew Mason of Hopscotch Features.

Documenting some of the late photographer’s defining moments, Lum and Mason’s nascent feature will borrow story strands from Antony Penrose’s intimate biography, The Lives of Lee Miller. As Miller’s son, tailoring the film to fit Penrose’s mould will surely offer a personal, almost unprecedented look into her life and work.

Kate Winslet’s involvement is the only tangible sign of life at this early stage, with no writer or director attached just yet. Even still, enlisting an Oscar-winning actress is a testimony to the rich history surrounding Lee Miller, who first rose to prominence on the catwalk, before carving out a life as a decorated photojournalist. In her time, she witnessed a great many wartime atrocities, even capturing a few in the process for Vogue. Later in life, she become the lover to artist Man Ray, before passing away in 1977.

Before taking on the title role in the Lee Miller film, Kate Winslet can be seen in Boyle’s Steve Jobs, which opened in North America on October 9.