Keanu Reeves addresses his insane 45-story plunge in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

The Matrix Resurrections star Keanu Reeves talks about the crazy 45-story building stunt they had to pull off in the film.

If there’s one thing The Matrix franchise is unquestionably known for, it’s the crazy and innovative action sequences that bend the physics of the world of simulation to their will. As such, it should hardly come off as a surprise to learn that director Lana Wachowski has strived to one-up her own filmmaking ambitions by including even crazier stunts in The Matrix Resurrections.

The much-anticipated fourth entry, releasing tomorrow in theaters across the US, will feature the return of Neo (Thomas Anderson) as the main protagonist, with Keanu Reeves coming back to reprise his iconic role. The character will no doubt take the red pill yet again, butting heads with the new version of Agent Smith (this time played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen) on numerous fronts throughout the computer-generated world of the Matrix.

Suffice to say, there’ll be a host of amazing action sequences, and audiences expect most of them to go well above and beyond their wildest dreams, so you’ll be glad to know that The Matrix Resurrections has pulled out the big guns for this outing.

During the film’s premiere event, EW had a moment to chat with Reeves when they asked the actor about the stunt that had him and Carrie-Anne Moss’s Trinity jumping off a 45-story building repeatedly. Here’s what the John Wick star had to say on the matter:

“There’s a moment when we’re trying to survive, and so, we kind of took a leap… a lover’s leap, let’s say, off of a building. Yeah, it was about 45 stories. One of the cool things about The Matrix is that you get to do some fun stuff.”

I don’t know about you guys, but jumping off a 45-story building, and nineteen times no less, doesn’t sound much like “fun” to us, so someone might need to have a word with Reeves about the kind of things he considers to be just so. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long to see the sequence for ourselves in The Matrix Resurrections.