Keanu Reeves Auctioning Off A 15-Minute Zoom Chat For Charity

Keanu Reeves

Have you ever wanted to talk to Keanu Reeves? I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s been in some iconic movies and his reputation for being a really nice guy rivals Tom Hanks. Well, you now have the opportunity to have a 15-minute Zoom chat with him. But the one catch is that you have to pony up some money for charity.

On Monday, the action star announced that he’d be auctioning off the online chat to Shine for Camp, an initiative from Camp Rainbow Gold, an Idaho-based children’s cancer-fighting non-profit. The bidding began at $10,000 but has since risen to $16,500. If you would like to donate, you can do so via the link below.

At one point in his career, Reeves was perhaps known for being a lot like his characters such as Ted from Bill & Ted or Johnny Utah from Point Break. A laid-back, stoner kid without a care in the world who happened to win the acting lottery. As it turns out, though, we’re not sure he was ever a stoner because he’s been a relaxed, care-free dude for decades now. And he’s remained a major star thanks to a couple of big breaks. John Wick rejuvenated his career back in 2014 and ever since then, he’s made two more sequels, voiced a Pixar character and has follow-ups for two other beloved franchises on the way.

I’d say there’s a lot to talk about with Mr. Reeves, too. What was it like to step back into the world of The Matrix? How was working with Alex Winter again? Which MCU characters have Marvel Studios pitched to you? That last question is something to ask at the end of the chat. You know, try to catch him off guard to reveal something about his future with the super secretive studio.

Anyways, bidding closes on Monday at 12PM and the actual Zoom chat must take place the week of July 6th at the discretion of both the winner and Keanu Reeves.