Keanu Reeves doesn’t have a problem with people streaming ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

the matrix resurrections

The debate over hybrid releases is hopefully set to draw to a close as we enter 2022, with the industry poised to etch distinct and clear lines between theatrical exclusives and movies designed for streaming.

It’s been a source of consternation for many high-profile industry figures, especially those involved with Warner Bros. Denis Villenueve compared the experience of watching Dune for the first time at home as akin to riding a speedboat in a bathtub, while it’s one of the major factors behind Christopher Nolan teaming up with another studio for the first time in over 20 years, after he took Oppenheimer to Universal with a guarantee of 100-day theatrical exclusivity.

The Matrix Resurrections looks to be a feast for the eyes, one that’s much better served being viewed several stories high instead of on a home setup. However, after briefly teasing the reporter who interviewed him for The Guardian, Keanu Reeves admitted that he doesn’t have a problem with people streaming the sci-fi sequel.

“Dude? Don’t stream that movie… Don’t you f*cking stream that movie. What are you, crazy? You’re going to stream the new Matrix on a laptop? I mean, sure, stream it if you have to.”

Of course the wholesome and beloved Keanu Reeves isn’t going to denigrate people’s personal choice, but we’re curious to see how The Matrix Resurrections fares at the box office this weekend. Warner Bros.’ big budget, R-rated sequel The Suicide Squad was a colossal flop during the summer, and Neo’s return also has to contend with what’s going to be another hefty weekend for Spider-Man: No Way Home.