Keanu Reeves’ Newest Movie Is Now Available On Demand

Keanu Reeves

The big screen’s most popular time travelling slackers are back. Yes, Bill & Ted Face the Music is now officially available to watch on demand. The film got bumped around a few different dates due to the coronavirus, but thankfully, the studio have settled on a compromise that’s seeing it release in theatres and on demand simultaneously.

Furthermore, unlike some other movies released post-pandemic (looking at you, Greyhound), Face the Music isn’t exclusive on any one platform, granting viewers some extra flexibility. It’s currently available on Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Vudu for $24.99. Alternatively, you can rent it for $19.99 on Fandango, hence the slightly reduced price.

The third film in the Bill & Ted saga sees Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return to the eponymous shoes of Ted and Bill for the first time in almost 30 (30!) years. Gone are the naïve teenage dweebs we were introduced to in the 80s. Now, they’re middle-aged dads adjusting to the pace of mid-life middlehood. That is, until a time traveller from the future tasks them with writing a universe-saving hit song in less than 78 minutes. What were the chances? I like how specifically tailored to an 88-minute movie their universe saving destiny is. Suitably meta.

So, the wait for Bill & Ted Face the Music is finally over. If you’re thinking of seeing it, have seen it or are seeing it right now (in which case, why are you looking at this article?), give us your thoughts below. Does it live up to your expectations? Nobody’s expecting a masterpiece, but we’d all like some quality light entertainment in these pressing times.