Keanu Reeves Now Says Yes To The Possibility Of Speed 3


No matter how hard you try to shake the ‘woahs’ and ‘awesomes’ and ’69’s from the Keanu Reeves portion of your brain (we’ve all got one), one fact can’t be ignored. That shaggy-haired time travelling teen known as Bill has been aboard some corking action outings. The Matrix franchise, cult classic Point Break and the 1994 hit Speed. After years and YEARS of putting his foot down and stating his complete lack of interest in reprising his role in the latter, the actor has now had a change of heart. He’s up for Speed 3, folks.

The Jan De Bont original, about a bus that cannot go below 50 mph or it explodes, was a sleeper hit. Co-starring Sandra Bullock as the loveable Annie and Dennis Hopper as the maniac responsible, Reeves donned his Kevlar vest as badass cop Jack Traven. Made for a now-meagre $30 million, it went on to gross $350 million. Which ain’t bad. In fact, the worst thing was its follow-up, Speed 2: Cruise Control – the same premise set aboard a cruise liner. Reeves jumped ship and avoided what turned out to be a total catastrophe, with Jason Patric swooning up to Bullock.

There’s a chance now though, that he’d be willing to go for a third round. In an interview with the Nerdist, he was prompted to respond to rumours of a third outing. You can check out the full clip below, but here’s the one-liner that’s sparked today’s giddiness:

“Speed 3: Redemption! Sure. You know what I mean? Jack Traven just dusting it off.”

It’s hardly a greenlight, or even a definitive yes. But it is a change from last year, when Reeves told Yahoo! there was no chance of him boarding any out-of-control mode of transport. Especially if you listen to the clip, he’s just having a laugh by the sounds of it!

Now that it’s out in the big bad world and gaining traction, could Speed 3 be taking off?