Keanu Reeves Reflects On Upcoming Films Matrix Resurrections & John Wick 4

Keanu Reeves spoke with TODAY this morning and provided some updates on his big film projects, The Matrix Resurrections and John Wick 4. (Reeves was there to promote his new comic book project, BRZRKR.)

Matrix Resurrections is the first new Matrix film in 20 years, and Reeves gave enthusiastic reports about the film— “astounding!” — and working with “visionary director and writer” Lana Wachowski. Reeves described the movie as “a beautiful film, a love story, an action, and it’s full of ideas.” Summing up the whole package that fans have come to expect, Reeves concluded, “It’s a Matrix film.”

Reeves also spoke about filming on John Wick 4. He says “really fun to be playing the role again” and “we’re going for it!” The movie promises “new characters and opening up the world.” Filming recently in three countries, Reeves reported to TODAY, “right now we’re shooting this crazy fight scene in the middle of traffic.” We can’t wait to see that in action!

Throughout his interview on TODAY, Reeves appeared excited to share his many new projects. Fans can look forward to seeing him star in The Matrix Resurrections this December.