Keanu Reeves Would Reportedly Love To Play Constantine Again

Keanu Reeves Constantine

There’s a point in the career of many movie stars when they decide to go back to the well that made them a success in the first place. Sylvester Stallone did it with Rocky and Rambo, Harrison Ford with Star Wars, Blade Runner and the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 and Keanu Reeves is currently in that stage.

He has Bill & Ted Face the Music and The Matrix 4 coming at some point and now he’s shown interest in revisiting Constantine. The director of that film, Francis Lawrence, recently revealed that he’s spoken to Reeves about a sequel and says that the actor would “love to do another” one. Meanwhile, producer Akiva Goldsman is also onboard.

The original film came out in 2005 and despite a February release, it still managed to earn $230 million off of a budget north of $100 million. While not spectacular, it’s still respectable. Warner Bros., however, didn’t see a financial future moving forward so a sequel never came about. That being said, Constantine is a pretty good movie thanks to terrific world-building, a menacing undertone and Reeves’ noir-style performance.

The character has remained in the public conscience over the years, too. A TV series of the same name starring Matt Ryan came out in 2014 and he eventually made his way to Legends of Tomorrow, where he’s quite popular.

In a post-Snyder Cut world, anything can get made with a certain amount of support behind it. Keanu Reeves is currently in the business of doing sequels and while Constantine doesn’t carry the same level of cache as some of his other franchises, there’ve been constant whispers and reports of Warner Bros. cooking something up for us behind the scenes. Let’s hope they formally announce it soon.