Keanu Reeves’ Beard Dies In New Bill & Ted Face The Music Set Photos

Bill and Ted 3

All we are is dust in the wind, dude. And now, all over Keanu Reeves’ bathroom counter is a light dusting of facial hair trimmings because, for the officially righteous start of the righteously official Bill and Ted sequel, Bill & Ted Face The Music, Theodore S. Preston has shaven his face smooth. Yep, his sexy dad-beard is now gone in order to attain a truly, almost immortally beautiful youthfulness that indeed fits the part of an aged slacker.

Per the Instagram account @Keanuthings, which features Neo in various states of existence, we have some behind-the-scenes snapshots of the actor sporting his babyface, sweet ‘shades, a pack of smokes and, of course, an iced coffee. He looks like a seasoned hipster doofus dad, which, according to information about the ongoing production, is exactly where Ted is in his life as an aimless middle-ager – so good job, costume department.

The Bill & Ted threequel has been in the works for, like, a really long time now, man. Series co-writer Ed Solomon, who’s acted as a sort of B&T Gatekeeper over the years, confirmed that the shoot started this morning, with B&T’s Twitter growing more and more active over the last few weeks. Fans can finally rejoice as the saviors of our universe finally kick their butts into gear, presumably with Death in tow.

Personally, I kind of slightly like Bogus Journey over Excellent Adventure just for the fact that it delves into the weird world that Bill and Ted inhabit, showing their universe as a mutli-layered place of being, and I think it played with genre tropes in a less-structured way than the first. Alas, Solomon has said that Face the Music will be closer in tone to the former rather than the latter, but I’m just glad it’s being made at all.

The Wild Stallyns will ride again in Bill & Ted Face The Music sometime next year.