Kellan Lutz Says Twilight Needs A Reboot, But On One Condition


Ah, Twilight. Nearly a decade ago now, the world had this distortion/sanitation of vampire lore forced upon it. The movies (starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) made money, had acting wooden enough to put a Canadian film to shame and mercifully concluded in 2008.

But unfortunately, like all intellectual property in this day and age, it just won’t die. Talk of a reboot, and what it would look like is starting to circulate online now and in a recent interview with Cinema Blend, star Kellan Lutz, who probably played a piece of wood or something in the franchise, shared what should happen in a new take on the series.

“Definitely for the first movie, I think Twilight has the lowest budget out of all of them from New MoonEclipseBreaking Dawn, and I can only imagine what Catherine [Hardwicke] would do if she had a $59 million budget compared to ($37 million budget of the first.) So, I think they could remake the first one, but I don’t think they could remake or should remake the franchise until there is some new technological advancement. I think the CGI was already top notch in the movies.”


Or, better yet, why not just let it stay dormant? As someone who was forced to take his older sibling (yep, you read that right) to the first film in the series, I know damn well that there’s no artistic or commercial value in this thing. To have paid money to see a film in the Twilight saga is the cinema going equivalent of giving your money to a faith healer or an unassuming child molester. Yeah, you thought things would be fine, but ultimately you just got hurt and scarred for decades.

Whatever happens, odds are we’ll get another version of this story. A new Twilight, in service of nothing. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Is this a property you’d like to see resurrected and rebooted? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.

Source: Cinema Blend