Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico Might Be Getting Her Own Star Wars Movie

Star Wars The Last Jedi

If there’s one character from the Star Wars sequels that really deserves their own spinoff, it’s Rose Tico. Following her debut in the saga in The Last Jedi, actress Kelly Marie Tran had to face so much hate online that she left social media and never came back. Thankfully, those voices have now been drowned out and there’s a lot of love for Tran’s heroine in the fandom these days. Unfortunately, however, The Rise of Skywalker still let her down, only giving Rose a literal minute and half of screen time.

But maybe Lucasfilm is finally looking to rectify the shoddy way that both that actress and character were treated by handing Tran her own solo venture as Rose. Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that the studio is “interested” in making an “entire Star Wars project” that would feature Tran as the optimistic Resistance engineer.

The outlet states that it’s currently taking the form of a movie, but it could conceivably be retooled into a Disney Plus series later down the line. We don’t know any plot details abut this Rose Tico project as yet, but it seems Lucasfilm has come up with a way to extend her storyline beyond TROS.

Since the conclusion of the sequels, Tran’s relationship with Disney has only strengthened thanks to her landing the title role in the recent animated film Raya and the Last Dragon. She’s also shown a willingness to continue on as Rose by lending her voice to this past December’s LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. There’s every chance that this project could make it all the way to the screen, then.

And if it did go ahead, Tran would become the first Asian leading star in the whole franchise, which is a major milestone that needs to happen soon. She’s already just become the first Southeast Asian Disney princess, so it’s possible the actress may be about to break down another door over in the Star Wars universe, too.