Kelsey Grammer says he’d love to play Beast again

x-men beast

As far as on-point casting goes, you can’t argue with Kelsey Grammer being hired to play Hank McCoy in the X-Men franchise, with the performance essentially requiring an extension of his Frasier persona, albeit with the caveat of spending hours in the makeup chair to be turned into a big, blue, furry mutant.

Despite how well-suited he was for the role, Grammer didn’t get much opportunity to make an impact as part of the superhero franchise. His screentime in both The Last Stand and Days of Future Past was limited, but he still did enough to leave an impression, even if Nicholas Hoult put his own stamp on the character as the younger version.

Now that the rights to the X-Men belong to Marvel Studios and the multiverse is in play, literally anyone from any iteration of the team could be brought back in a future project. Speaking to, Grammer admitted that he’d love to play Beast again were the opportunity to ever arise.

“I‘d love to do Beast again. Nobody’s really talked to me about it. I think maybe they’re gonna try to do another one. I’m assuming that they would go with, you know, the first is the best.”

Suffice to say, it’s highly unlikely that Marvel will be returning to the well and plucking every fan favorite from the Fox mythology, especially when arguably the single most important part of the MCU’s X-Men reboot is making sure it stands apart from a thirteen-film series that ran for 20 years.