A Surprising Cameo Has Been Confirmed For Avengers: Endgame


We don’t have long now until Avengers: Endgame hits cinemas and all those burning questions raised by Infinity War will be finally be answered. Despite the film’s relative proximity, we still don’t know a great deal about it, and the first trailer didn’t give a huge amount away, either.

Right now, we’re picking through theories based on toys and leaked behind the scenes photos that seem to indicate some kind of time travel plot and maybe the death of Tony Stark. But today, we’ve actually got a concrete bit of news, as we’re learning that Ken Jeong is officially joining the cast in an undisclosed role.

Now, before some of you howl in disappointment that they’re adding Jeong, don’t expect him to play a particularly large part in the movie. Instead, he’ll simply have a cameo as part of a long line of instances of the Russo brothers inserting actors from Community and Arrested Development into their films. After all, the pair got the attention of Marvel via their directorial work on the two aforementioned shows and have continually found room for small appearances by the cast in their movies.

Community‘s Danny Pudi, who played Abed, turned up as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Jim Rashwho played Dean Pelton in Community cameoed in Captain America: Civil War and, perhaps most notoriously, the “blue man” Tobias Funke turned up in Infinity War in a tube as part of the Collector’s collection. So, based on all those, I’d expect Jeong’s role to be brief and perhaps only really noticeable if you’re looking for it.

That Marvel Studios allow them to do this stuff is a strong indication of the complete confidence they have in the Russo brothers as directors. After the world-dominating smash success of Infinity War, you’d imagine they’re now given whatever leeway they want, so it’s nice to see that even a gigantic mega-blockbuster like Avengers: Endgame will still have a personal touch.