Ken Jeong Says A Hangover Spin-Off Film Is Possible

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Ken Jeong has seen his fame skyrocket in the last couple of years. The doctor turned actor got his first big break in Knocked Up and since then he has been on one hell of a hot streak. Though he has credits like Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, Role Models and television’s Community under his belt, it was really Todd Phillips’ The Hangover and the character of Mr. Chow that brought the actor into the spotlight.

While in Toronto to promote The Hangover Part III, the final instalment in the hugely successful trilogy, Jeong took the time to talk with us about his role in the film. The full interview will be published shortly but for now, we wanted to share one interesting tidbit that the actor revealed. When I asked him if his character, Mr. Chow, would be appearing again in a spin-off or prequel, here’s what Jeong had to say:

“[laughs] From your mouth to God’s ears, I’d love that! I’d love to do a Chow spin-off, I’ve told Todd that. The only problem is, it wouldn’t be a Hangover movie. It would be a completely different thing, but I’m confident that it would be possible to do. Chow is my favorite character that I’ve ever played. So ya, I would love to do a Chow spin-off, I love that character, he just makes me laugh so hard.”

The Hangover Part III hasn’t hit theatres yet but having already seen it, I can tell you that Chow has a much larger role than he did in the past two movies. In fact, most of the film revolves around him. If you’re not a fan of the character yet, the third outing will likely change that and it should push Jeong even further into the spotlight. He’s an extremely funny actor and I, for one, would love to see him reprise his role as Chow in a Hangover spin-off film.