Kenneth Branagh Will Star In The Jack Ryan Reboot

Variety is reporting that sometimes actor, sometimes director Kenneth Branagh will be flexing both muscles for the Jack Ryan reboot, stepping behind the directing chair and also starring as the film’s villain. We already knew that he was attached to helm but now we’re hearing that he is in talks to step into the villain role as well, as the studio hasn’t been able to find anyone else.

Starring Chris Pine as the titular character, the reboot will see Ryan living in Moscow as a financial analyst who learns that his company is attempting to “finance a terrorist attack designed to collapse the U.S. economy, and must race against time to save America and his wife.” Branagh will play the Russian villain mastermind that tries to “destroy America’s economy by making the dollar worthless.”

To be honest, the plot doesn’t sound too interesting but I do like both Branagh and Pine, so I’m holding out and hoping that things turn out alright. Plus, behind the camera Branagh knows how to get things done, so it does give me a bit more faith that he’s in control here.

Really though, the film is acting as a platform for Pine to establish himself as a true Hollywood leading man. The actor has had several large roles already, including the starring role in the Star Trek reboot, but I still wouldn’t put him on the A-list. He just needs that one more big role, and I think this could be it.

Plot aside, the film sound promising and who knows, maybe the story won’t turn out to be as lame as it seems.