Kenneth Branagh May Helm The Jack Ryan Reboot

Looks like Paramount was impressed with director Kenneth Branagh‘s work on Thor. Apparently, the studio wants him for their upcoming Jack Ryan reboot. Variety is telling us that the Jack Ryan reboot, which focuses on the famous Tom Clancy character seen in films like The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games, may have finally found a director.

Actor Chris Pine has been attached to play Ryan for a while and now, director Kenneth Branagh may step behind the camera, taking over for the film’s previous director, Jack Bender. The film has been long delayed and according to Vulture, here’s the reason.

We hear that Bender had tired of the endless development born of creative loggerheads over the direction of the film. Pine wanted to make a character-driven espionage movie. The producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, wanted to make Jack Ryan into an action movie. Paramount executives wanted to make it a thriller. “And [screenwriter] David Koepp was supposed to sort that all out,” laughs one of our own spies, “Good luck!”

Seems like everyone was on a different page, which can tend to happen with any film really. That being said, I’m glad they’ve finally found a director. I thought Branagh did an alright job with Thor and though I can definitely think of better picks to direct an espionage/action/thriller, I’m not totally opposed to Branagh getting behind the camera.

Yes, he does seem like an unlikely pick but he certainly wasn’t the man that people envisioned directing the God of Thunder now was he? And look how that turned out.

Personally, I’m most excited for the film due to Pine’s involvement. I’m a big fan of the young actor and I’m excited to see him earn another starring role in a big franchise. Paramount clearly liked his work in Star Trek and now they’ve trusted him to carry the Jack Ryan film, which if successful, will surely spawn sequels.

Are you happy with Paramount’s choice of director? Let us know in the comments.