Kevin Feige Confirms Plans For An LGBT Superhero In The MCU


Though Marvel Studios is keeping quiet on the future of the MCU beyond 2019, it’s already looking like a matter of when, rather than if, the franchise will bring us its first openly LGBT hero. And in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, producer Kevin Feige hinted at these plans once more.

The subject came up when the interviewer pointed out four things they’d like to see from Marvel – Kamala Khan in the MCU, a Nova movie, an LGBT superhero and Taika Waititi announcing his next Marvel project – to which Feige responded, “Can’t we have all of them?” When asked which of the four looked closest to reality, the Marvel Studios head offered the following vague tease:

“I think all of those are percolating and– Let’s put it this way: They’re all percolating. I do want to keep the focus on this one and on the immediate future, but everything you just named are percolating, some closer than others.”

This is far from the first time that Feige or his peers have referenced plans to introduce an LGBT hero to the MCU. Just a few days ago, for instance, Marvel Studios executive vice president of production Victoria Alonso argued that “the world is ready” for the franchise’s first gay superhero, and there’s even been a rumor lately that The Eternals will be the movie to take this step when it comes out next year.

As for the other three possibilities listed, there’ve been murmurs for a while now Marvel has plans for Kamala Khan and Nova that have further escalated in light of the newly released Captain Marvel. Taika Waititi, meanwhile, mentioned just last month that he’s still “talking about new stuff” with Marvel Studios, though he’s already ruled himself out as James Gunn’s replacement to helm Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Overall, we still have much to learn about Marvel’s intentions beyond this year, but hopefully Feige and his team can offer some clarification after Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

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