Ms. Marvel Will Reportedly Debut In Captain Marvel 2


As the first female-led Marvel outing ever to exist within the MCU, there’s a considerable amount of hype currently surrounding Captain Marvel – not least because it finds itself in the middle of two bona fide titans in Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

True, Carol Danvers’ solo outing mostly takes place in the 1990s, thereby carving out a pocket of space for co-directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden to build their own origin story, but it’s still going to have ties to the wider MCU and pave the way for much of what’s to come.

But what exactly is next on the studio’s radar? Well, if Captain Marvel hits it big at the box office, which it likely will, and Brie Larson honors her multi-picture deal, we imagine Kevin Feige and co. will fast-track a sequel, followed by a whole host of team-up movies in Phase 4 and beyond. And according to sources close to We Got This Covered, that aforementioned sequel will see the debut of Ms. Marvel.

Unfortunately, we weren’t given any further details aside from that, and it’s clearly far too early to discuss casting, but it’s exciting to know that the studio has plans for the character regardless. After all, those familiar with the source material will be aware of the fact that Kamala Khan’s known for her appearances across the Warriors, the Champions, the Protectors, and even the Avengers.

Her superhuman powers, meanwhile, go back to Terrigen Mists – the same source which allows Marvel’s Inhumans to harness near-limitless energy. And so, after wrangling her newfound abilities under control, Khan takes on the Ms. Marvel mantle in honor of her one true hero, Carol Danvers.

Clearly, bringing Kamala Khan to the big screen should be an all-round win and we can’t wait to see what Kevin Feige has in store for her with Captain Marvel 2.