Kevin Feige Won’t Confirm Marvel’s Black Widow Movie


Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige naturally gets a lot of credit for the MCU. As well he should.

Marvel’s juggernaut franchise has truly cemented its place at the forefront of Hollywood’s blockbuster scene, churning out two-to-three top-quality movies year in, year out. For 2019, we’ve welcomed the arrival of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, with Spider-Man: Far From Home still waiting in the wings for July. But beyond that, no one really knows what’s in store – at least not beyond the walls of Marvel Studios.

And Kevin Feige very much intends on keeping it that way until such time as Far From Home is out in the wild. Asked straight-up whether the in-development Black Widow spinoff movie exists, Feige played coy, and effectively denied the film’s existence… despite the fact that Scarlett Johansson has already been spotted shooting scenes across parts of Europe.

Here’s what Marvel’s head honcho told

Have we announced that movie yet? Who knows what that is? You sort of look at those pictures and can guess. But what it is, and where it is, and how it is, goes in that post-Far From Home release territory. We’re still, as I’ve said for the better part of a year or two, we’re waiting for Endgame and Far From Home to come out before we talk about what’s next, officially. We’re almost there.

All right, then, Kevin… keep your secrets. We’ll know soon enough. In all seriousness, secrecy is the MCU’s secret sauce, as it ensures each new installment is able to generate a metric ton of hype and excitement before its release. And Black Widow is no different.

Closer to home, Avengers: Endgame will soon enjoy a re-release in its quest to topple James Cameron’s Avatar, while Spider-Man: Far From Home is about to draw the curtain on Marvel’s Infinity Saga, as it’s now called, before Feige and Co. begin to post official details about the next iteration of the MCU. Black Widow is practically a foregone conclusion. Ditto for Guardians 3. But after that? It’s anyone’s guess, really.