Kevin Feige Doesn’t Think There’s Any Star Wars Fatigue


Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind Marvel Studios and the man who turned the MCU into a multibillion-dollar powerhouse, has expressed his opinion about the so-called Star Wars fatigue in a new interview.

Ever since Disney acquired the rights to a galaxy far far away in 2012, the juggernaut has been under constant fire from the dedicated and sometimes toxic fanbase. And while The Force AwakensRogue Oneand The Last Jedi have been hugely successful in their own right, there are some who believe the space opera isn’t graced with the same capacity as the MCU movies. Even Bob Iger is of the opinion that with Star Wars, less is always more.

But Kevin Feige apparently doesn’t share that sentiment. The man who is responsible for building the 23-film Infinity Saga was recently asked about the so-called Star Wars fatigue and he responded by bringing the box office performance of the Sequel Trilogy and the spinoffs to attention.

“Well they’ve made about five movies in about five years and it’s made over five billion dollars, so I think they’re doing just fine with Star Wars. And Rise of Skywalker looks incredible to me. I love that world and I love the notion of exploring new people and new places in that universe. But that’s sort of all that can be said for now.”

As Darth Vader would put it, Feige is right from a certain point of view. With only four movies, Disney has managed to gross over $5 billion in box office alone, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the final film in the saga set for release on December 20th, is expected to perform well in theaters.

Regardless, the man has a solid track record for success when it comes to matters like this, so we can take his word when he says there’s hope yet for a galaxy far far away. I guess we’ll find out for sure though in just over a month, when J.J. Abrams’ aforementioned trilogy-closer touches down in cinemas around the world and brings the Skywalker saga to a close.