Kevin Feige Explains Why He Loves Marvel’s Post-Credit Scenes


Ever since Samuel L. Jackson showed up in an eyepatch at the end of the first Iron Man to tell Tony Stark that he’s now part of a bigger universe, the post-credits scene has been a tradition of the Marvel movies. Often these bonus clips serve to tease a future installment in the franchise. Other times, they might offer little more than a clip of the cast grabbing a meal, or a giant ant playing drums. In any case, fans are usually willing to expend the extra few minutes to see what last trick each movie has up its sleeve, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige seems happy for the ritual to continue.

Speaking to The Costco Connection, the producer explained that the post-credit sequence gives audiences an incentive to see the huge number of people involved in every production.

“You’ve heard people say that film is a collaborative art,” Feige said. “Boy, is it. And we want these new ideas. You’ll have a visual effects producer for a visual effects company go, ‘Hey, you know, you asked for this but there’s an idea to maybe tweak it a little bit.’ Ande then you get something that is a thousand times better. And it’s great and goes in the movie.”

“I love the notion that everybody playing in this Marvel Studios sandbox feels an ownership and feels excited to be a part of it – none more so than myself. That’s another reason I love the tags. It forces people to actually look and acknowledge the thousands of people responsible for the experience you just had.”

Indeed, while some viewers may get a little impatient sitting through a lengthy list of effects workers and sound specialists in order to see the full movie, the post-credits scenes have still served as a pretty neat method of giving a little more exposure to the many people who labor over each new chapter in this ongoing superhero saga.

Speaking of long waits, Marvel‘s next scheduled release, Captain Marvel, isn’t due to arrive until March 8th, 2019, but you can be sure that these next seven months will be yet another busy period for the studio’s extensive technical team.