Kevin Feige Praises Black Panther As The Best Movie Marvel’s Ever Made


For months now, critics and audiences alike have not been able to stop talking about Black Panther, and understandably so.

Ryan Coogler’s spinoff has proven to be an incredible success, delighting everyone who’s seen it and cruising past one box office record after another. Many are hailing it as one of Marvel Studios’ finest works to date, something we’d have to agree with, but according to the man in charge, it might actually be the best movie they’ve ever made.

That’s right. Kevin Feige was speaking at the Produced By 2018 conference today and told those in attendance that “Ryan Coogler is a singular talent. I told him, ‘I think that’s the best movie we’ve ever made. You’ve made us a better studio.” While it remains to be seen whether the spinoff will indeed go down as Marvel’s best work, it’s certainly right up there with their most accomplished efforts.

There seems to be no stopping T’Challa at the moment, either, as Black Panther is now closing in on the $700 million mark domestically, a milestone that not even Infinity War will hit (even though the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed blockbuster has a higher global haul). Feige’s already thinking about a potential sequel as well and you can bet that Coogler will be back behind the camera should that happen. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

For now, we can all sit back and enjoy the tremendous success that’s coming Black Panther‘s way. It’s certainly well earned, and if it’s more coverage of the flick that you’re after, be sure to check out our easter eggs guide along with our rundown of the most burning questions we need answered now that we’ve seen it.

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