11 Black Panther Easter Eggs You May Have Missed


Black Panther is finally here and it’s proven to be yet another smashing success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Arguably even more so than most, however, as it’s produced a lot of talk about it being a cultural landmark that raises some big questions about racial identity.

Something else that’s unusual about the film is that it’s surprisingly standalone for a franchise that’s become more and more comfortable in tying each entry into the events of prior movies. Apart from a bit of backstory established in Captain America: Civil War, you hardly even need to know much else about the MCU to appreciate Black Panther.

Black Panther Poster

Because of that, the movie is perhaps not as stuffed full of easter eggs as most Marvel films. That said, there are still many callbacks to the comic books, other MCU efforts and more hidden within. As such, we’ve decided to comb through the pic to find 11 of the most significant, that you may not’ve caught yourself.

Before we continue, though, we should say that we’ll be treading into spoiler territory here. So, if you want to see the film completely fresh, then bookmark this page and return once you’ve had the chance to experience what Ryan Coogler and co. have to offer.