Kevin Feige Reportedly Clashing With Disney Over LGBT Themes In The MCU


At long last, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just starting to offer up some LGBTQ+ representation. We had to wait until Avengers: Endgame to have even a one-scene character portrayed as openly gay, but Loki made waves by confirming that the God of Mischief was bisexual, making him the franchise’s first queer lead. The movies will soon follow suit with this November’s Eternals introducing Phastos, who’ll be portrayed as a gay married man.

The frustrating thing, though, is that there seems to be a ceiling to how far Marvel can go in this direction. So far, the MCU’s moments of LGBT rep are reduced to self-contained scenes which, if you’re thinking cynically, can be easily cut so as not to offend international markets that censor queer content. It’s something that upsets fans and it seems that Marvel president Kevin Feige feels the exact same way.

We’re hearing from our reliable sources – the same ones who told us Luke Skywalker would appear in The Mandalorian season 2 – that Feige is mad at Disney as they aren’t allowing Marvel to explore too many LGBT themes in upcoming MCU films, mostly to appease China. As we know well by now, Feige is keen to keep on diversifying the MCU as much as possible so it’s no surprise that he’s angry with the studio for forbidding him from doing just that.

Feige’s been fighting an uphill battle to diversify the franchise since the beginning. At first, he couldn’t even get any movies not based around white males off the ground due to Marvel Entertainment’s Ike Perlmutter’s influence. After the company was restructured, and he got to work independently of Perlmutter, he then finally moved forward with the likes of Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

More Marvel firsts are coming later this year, in Shang-Chi and the aforementioned Eternals, but there’s still much more to be done and – by the sounds of it – many more battles to be won.

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  1. Steele-Magnoliasays:

    “No, I get to make marvel movies unwatchable!”

    “NO- I get to make them unprofitable!”

    “Fine but i get to accuse our audience of being Nazis!”


    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “I get to call Kelly Marie Tran a racial slur on social media!”

      “NO – I get to go to the Capitol Building and try to hang Mike Pence!”

      “No- I get to scream at the cops defending the Capitol and call them the N-Word!”

      “NO- I want to do that!”

      1. YourMomsays:

        Not only hang Mike Pence but also rape AoC. I too watch so much CNN to believe Jan 6 was an insurrection and BLM/Antifa looters and rioters were just peaceful protesters

  2. GODsays:

    Kevin Feige can have lgbt fantasies at home. MCU dont need this trash.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      Only LGBT fantasies Feige is having is when he’s sipping champagne on his yacht, counting his millions of dollars and imagining himself f*cking the incels in thier butthurt @sses.

      1. Nonesays:

        We got it, you are a faggot and no one cares.

    2. The Rocksays:

      What do you have against LGTB?

      1. Robsays:

        Don’t force it down your throat

      2. Jimmysays:

        Don’t force it down our throats

      3. Samirasays:

        We consider marvel movies suitable for all family and all ages in Middle east
        Why do they insist to have LGTB in marvel? I can’t believe they want to involve sex in marvel
        I will be shy if two men or two women fall in love while i watching my favouite show with my parents 💔😭

    3. Turbotron1229says:

      My man… So true … 👍

  3. Dilweed 78says:

    Of course that’s the most important thing about a Marvel superhero movie, to have a couple of lead gay characters. That’s what most of the Marvel fan base is demanding. Oh wait, that’s what this woke website would have you believe. Pathetic.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “The sexuality of Marvel characters isn’t important in the slightest.

      That’s why I have a hissy fit every time there’s an internet rumor that one of the characters might not be heterosexual”
      -Dilweed 78

  4. Monte McMilliansays:

    China is right. LGBT shouldn’t be allowed in Marvel movies. People are tired of the woke agenda. In fact, I wish the Chinese government would come over here and take care of the LGBT problem the way they took care of it over there.

    1. Denialsays:

      Or you can just move to fucking China.

    2. Wesley Gibsonsays:


      Monte is now praising Communist China in his quest to “own the SJWs”

      1. Dalinkwentsays:

        Its not me you dumb f**K.

    3. Don't use your real namesays:

      I am an expat in China, and while China doesn’t allow lgbt stuff on tv, lgbt people have no problems in the country. No one cares if someone is gay or not here in China. As long as they don’t try to shve it up people’s throats.

      1. Enter the Dragonsays:

        Shove it up people’s throats or down?

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        Don’t believe this “Don’t use your real name” assclown. Gay people in China don’t have the right to get marry, or adopt children and businesses are allowed to discriminate against LGBT people. The anti-SJWs are so against gay rights that they’re straight up shilling for Communist dictatorships.

    4. Dalinkwentsays:

      Nice try..whoever this is.

      This isn’t the real Monte Mcmillian.

    5. Onesays:

      Move to China, shill. LGB characters have existed for a long time in Marvel and DC comics, if you don’t like it stop watching and go to church.

  5. Dalinkwentsays:

    Going to sound harsh, but I don’t care.


    We barely care about straight couples, let alone all of this fawning and fixation on “LGBT themes”.

    Kevin is just digging his own grave at this point.

    If you want to explore queerness…then adapt some YA novels and leave the Superhero genre TF alone.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:


      Then why are you malding over this rumor? If you don’t care about the character’s sexuality then you should have opinion one way or the other whether any of the characters are gay.

      1. Nonesays:

        Yes, you are definitely a faggot, whining everywhere just because people don’t want your agenda. BTW… You are the only one here annoying everyone, are you the one who wrote this shit article? Or the only one who agrees with this shit? Either way… You are wrong, just deal with it.

      2. Dalinkwentsays:

        Says the guy who never cares about nerd stuff..but still spends every minute of their pathetic life arguing with people over the same stuff.

        Thats why you’re once again all over the comment section with your tired and predictable bullshit.

        Fuck off.

      3. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        If you keep using foul language like that your white parents are going to take away your mayonaise and Dave Matthews CDs.

      4. Onesays:

        @None Stay mad, pansy.

  6. Don't use your real namesays:

    “It’s something that upsets fans” No, it is not. Most of the fans don’t want this kind of thing on movies.

    It is a first, but I have to side with Disney in this one.

    1. Enter the Dragonsays:

      Even from a business standpoint, alienating any fanbase is foolish. LGBTQ people’s money is green too and straight people who have lives don’t care if Captain Marvel likes women.

      1. Anstassays:

        I wouldn’t care if I was watching an action super heroes movie – good person has powers and fights bad person with powers. That is the action I am tuning in for – not does so and so have a significant other or lean left or right. There are other better movies for that. The problem is when we are changing that basic super heroes movie action to create an unnecessary paradigm just to say that we did.

  7. deacricsays:

    I agree with not putting the LGTBQ+ into MCU, not because I’m against it but because we should not push it in people’s faces or shove it down their throats. These characters are admired by children and putting it in their faces can be manipulative to having a child select their gender/identity. I’m sick of people saying we have to be accepting of the differences in people while they throw their difference in our face and publicize it and shove it down our throats. I’m sorry, I’m a Christian man and I love all people regardless of lifestyle choice or religion all I ask is respect my boundaries and respect the decisions of others and don’t force me to watch or agree with you and don’t try to sway the world to be like you with your propaganda.

    1. Blair Sterlingsays:

      Cis heterosexual stuff has been “shoved down my throat” my whole life, but it didn’t make me cis or hetero. Stop shoving your hetero shit onto everybody. We’re tired of seeing it. It’s gotten old and boring.

      1. Thereareonly Twogenderssays:

        Awe, they made movies for the 95% of our society that is straight. Those devils. Feel free to make your own movies, Zie/zir/zim, just realize that 95% of people don’t have the same mentally ill beliefs as you and don’t care to placate your delicate feelings by pretending to like a garbage movie.

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “Feel free to make your own movies…”

        Ummm…That’s literally what Marvel is already doing and you homophobes are malding about it.

    2. Prentiss Bismarqsays:

      You all have some interesting ideas about what the word “force” means. What exactly is the force that is pushing you into a movie theater or pushing your finger on your remote to see movies with ideas you disagree with? Does the MCU have information on you? Are they sending armed thugs to your house? Are you not aware of the vast film career of Kirk Cameron? There is media out there for you! If you can’t have a gay character in a movie without thinking about how what they do in the bedroom makes the baby Jesus cry, there’s a whole production company called Pure Flix just for you!

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        They want the entire world to be a Judeo-Christian safe space where no right winger ever has to be triggered by the uncomfortable(for them) fact that homosexual people exist.

  8. BobQuasitsays:

    Good writing is what matters. When will Hollywood and Disney get that through their thick heads? The MCU is going downhill because they’ve forgotten that their primary purpose is to tell stories that people care about. Exciting, interesting stories.

    It’s such a simple lesson. Why is it so hard for them to learn?

  9. Jimmysays:

    Don’t force it down our throats

    1. Blair Sterlingsays:

      don’t force hetero shit down our throats.

    2. Jimmy's Momsays:

      Just close your mouth and get off your knees.

  10. Jimmysays:

    Don’t force it down our throat

  11. Rufussays:

    I don’t have a issue with a gay character appearing but don’t force it in to appease a small sector homo-aggressive people who don’t watch the MCU.

  12. Dudersays:

    I’m almost 100% done with movies and music it nothing but a bunch of fags and whores. Lgbtq is just a bunch of people that has a mental illness that are being accepted as normal. It’s a sick world we are living in and people are just accepting it but they will be crying when they stand before God in judgement.

    1. Prentiss Bismarqsays:

      Sorry my man, but the arts have been the home of the gay and promiscuous since the beginning of time. But there’s hope for you yet! Have you heard of Pure Flix? Also, they make rock music just for Christians now! It’s not as good as the stuff that gays make (what is?), but I think it’s right up your alley.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        Exactly. They should just stick to Pure Flix.

        Christians fanatics are entitled to have their own safe spaces but they AREN’T entitled to make the entire world into one of their safe spaces.

      2. Onesays:

        Well said.

  13. Gigglersays:

    5.6% of the population represented in 100% of tv and movies. Something isn’t right.

    1. DooFuZsays:

      Its like there is an agenda….

  14. DooFuZsays:

    I suspect the MCU quality will continue to go down. Their focus shouldn’t be on pandering, it should be story focused.
    The goal should be making money not pushing agenda. Tell a compelling story and if a character happens to be gay awesome. To be “pushing” is just irresponsible to the fans. Go Woke Go Broke.

  15. Wussy Pagonsays:

    Loki’s passing comment about banging dudes didn’t take away from the story. Allllll of the stupid little headlines about it in these trash rags is what made it annoying.

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