Kevin Feige Reportedly Letting Ryan Reynolds Do Whatever He Wants With Deadpool 3


Edgar Wright probably best summed up Marvel Studios’ approach to the company’s shared cinematic universe when discussing his departure from Ant-Man after being attached to the project for years, as he said the problem was that while he wanted to make an MCU movie, they didn’t want to make an Edgar Wright movie.

Kevin Feige is the man who steers the ship, and though his creative stranglehold has definitely loosened in recent years now that the franchise is more than established as almost completely bulletproof and the biggest game in town by quite some distance, all major decisions still require his approval. Not to mention that there are a series of mandated plot beats that each movie or TV show needs to hit in order to further the overarching narrative of that particular Phase.

Many thought this would pose some problems when Deadpool 3 entered active development, with Ryan Reynolds having been the main driving force behind the Merc with a Mouth during the Fox years. Indeed, as well as playing the title role, he was also one of the producers and a key cog in the story and scripting process, even getting credited for the sequel’s screenplay.

Obviously, parachuting a self-aware and foul-mouthed R-rated superhero into the MCU is tricky enough to pull off as it is, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Feige has ceded a hefty amount of creative control over to Reynolds and is letting him do “whatever he wants” with the project. Of course, Feige still has to answer to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who has the final say on anything to emerge from his multimedia empire, and Richtman has also previously reported that the Mouse House had already tried to make Deadpool 3 a PG-13 effort.

As such, while Reynolds will likely remain on board as a producer and writer, we’d imagine that he’ll still have to answer to someone at the end of the day. That being said, the fact that Feige is at least willing to let him have his freedom on the project certainly bodes well for it.