Kevin Feige Shares His Thoughts On The Batman Trailer

the batman

While there’s definitely a rivalry of sorts between the fans, there’s barely even a hint of bad blood between Marvel and DC from a talent perspective. Plenty of actors, writers, directors and crew members have dipped their toes into the waters of both superhero shared universes, and they’ve tended to shower each other with nothing but praise.

Everyone was losing their minds when the latest trailer for The Batman dropped at last weekend’s DC FanDome event, and that includes Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige. As a lifelong comic book fan, he’s appreciative of the genre as a whole, not just the projects that turned him into one of the modern cinema’s most influential figures.

That being said, when asked for his thoughts on the footage during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Feige made sure to specifically name-drop two actors that have appeared in his sandbox.

“I thought it was great, and I thought Serkis was great and everybody was great. And Jeffrey Wright, our Watcher, is great. I am beginning to think it’s Jeffrey Wright’s world, and we live in it.”

Jeffrey Wright is indeed having one hell of a year, following up Marvel’s What If…? with No Time to Die before pulling double Dark Knight duty in The Batman as Commissioner Gordon, while also voicing the Dark Knight himself in Batman: The Audio Adventures. Andy Serkis isn’t doing too bad for himself, either, joining Wright in What If…? and seeing his third directorial effort Venom: Let There Be Carnage land a pandemic-high opening weekend.