Kevin Feige Teases Doctor Strange’s Role In Thor: Ragnarok


In Doctor Strange‘s mid-credits scene, we saw the God of Thunder meeting up with the Sorcerer Supreme to seemingly set up the events of Thor: Ragnarok. Now, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has shed a little more light on how Strange factors into the movie and why his scenes will actually be among just a handful that take place on Earth.

“There’s not a whole lot that takes place on Earth in this film,” Feige said about Thor: Ragnarok, “and that’s one of the things that does.”

Well it will no doubt be exciting watching Doctor Strange interacting with Thor and Loki in Thor: Ragnarok as they attempt to track down Odin, a lot of fans will probably be happy that Earth is being put on the backburner in this next instalment of the franchise.

Why is that good news? Well, one of the biggest criticisms aimed at previous Thor movies is the fact that they just weren’t fantastical enough as too much time was spent on Midgard instead of Asgard and the other Nine Realms. Thor: Ragnarok looks set to change that by shifting the focus to Sakaar, a gladiator world ruled over by The Grandmaster.

Regardless of where it takes place, the first meeting between Thor and Doctor Strange is definitely significant, especially with Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner. Before we get there, though, we’ll have to see how things pan out for the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok, as all the signs are pointing to the film providing his toughest opponent to date.