Kevin Feige teases iconic line in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Given that Uncle Ben was out of the picture the first time we met Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, many fans had resigned themselves to the fact they may never hear the single most iconic line of dialogue from the character’s near 60-year history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We are of course talking about the words of wisdom bestowed upon Ben Parker to his nephew, and while Cliff Robertson got to say “with great power comes great responsibility” in Sam Raimi’s original two decades ago, Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man tried to avoid having Martin Sheen repeat it verbatim, so he instead tied himself in knots dancing around it while still trying to get the point across.

Tony Stark and now Doctor Strange have acted as Peter’s MCU mentors thus far, but in an interview with IGN, Kevin Feige teased that next week’s No Way Home could feature the soundbite we’ve all been waiting to hear by giving the typically vague answer of “how long you’re going to have to wait, we’ll see”.

If we do get the line in Spider-Man: No Way Home, then the major question is who gets the honor of saying it. A multiversal Uncle Ben? Doctor Strange? Aunt May? Happy Hogan? Tobey Maguire? Andrew Garfield? As always, we won’t be getting any answers until we’re sitting in the theater.