Kevin James Explains Why He Loves Working With Adam Sandler So Much


Adam Sandler is the kind of filmmaker who likes to stay in his own element. Despite the occasional venture outside of his Happy Madison Productions, fans can reliably expect to see the comedic actor and producer in similar movies, all with mostly the same sense of humor, visuals and cast.

In fact, Sandler has shared the spotlight with so many of his real-life friends that some viewers can’t help but wonder if his efforts are really just a multi-million dollar excuse to hang out with his buddies. They may be on to something, too, as longtime collaborator Kevin James has now gone on record with Access Hollywood to say that he loves shooting films with his fellow New York native for that very reason.

“It’s always family, yeah absolutely. It’s the greatest. It’s literally like going back to summer camp with all your friends. It’s really a fun time, you know. You got all of ‘em there.”

That comparison to family may seem hyperbolic to some, but considering James has worked closely with Sandler for almost two decades now, it’s refreshing to hear that the pair have built up such an amicable working relationship. Not only that, but as more and more of the drama and criminal allegations plaguing the landscape of American cinema comes to light, the fact that a major production company like Happy Madison can apparently foster such a welcoming working environment feels all the rarer.

Whether the movies that come from this environment are any good is, of course, up to personal taste. But audiences will only have to wait one more week to see the dynamic duo back in action together. The upcoming Netflix exclusive Hubie Halloween will reunite Kevin James and Adam Sandler for the first time since 2018’s Hotel Transylvania 3 when it releases on October 7th.