Kevin Smith Says Spider-Man 3 Will Be A Letdown If They Don’t Continue MCU Story


Though Joker may be stealing the headlines, and fans are still poring over each and every frame of Avengers: Endgame, the industry is still very much reeling from the news that Sony and Disney will no longer collaborate on Spider-Man, effectively pushing the famous Web-Head beyond the reach of the MCU.

It was a true gut-punch for Spidey fans, many of whom believed Tom Holland to be the best live-action incarnation of Peter Parker thus far. That sentiment is shared by none other than Kevin Smith, who waxed lyrical about the web-slinger during the latest episode of Fatman Beyond with Marc Bernardin.

I just watched Spider-Man: Far from Home this morning, it’s available on home video or whatever the f***. So, I got a little bit of taste [of Tony] there and stuff and once again, like I hate to be this guy, but rewatching that movie… that Spider-Man is perfect. I really hope these f***ers like figure their sh** out. Last I heard was Sony said, ‘Hey, we’ll offer you 30% of the box office’ to Disney and we’re still waiting to hear back.

More specifically, Smith is concerned with the very real possibility that Sony will blaze a path of their own, undoing all the groundwork by Jon Watts and the creative team at Marvel Studios.

Because let’s face it, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was introduced under the shadow of Tony Stark, and his journey to becoming a full-fledged Avenger (and standing on his own two feet) is part of what makes the character so special. So to toss all that in the trash in favor of a soft reboot would be a huge mistake.

Or so says Kevin Smith:

Far From Home is predicated on, ‘I miss Tony so much.’ If the next movie is like, ‘Tony who? Where’s Uncle Ben?,’ it’s gonna be a real f***ing letdown. It’s gonna be a bummer, I really hope they figure it out.

Exactly what Sony has planned for Spider-Man is unclear at this point, though we imagine his future is deeply intertwined with that of Eddie Brock’s (AKA Venom), who is expected to return in the not-so-distant future. Will the Powers That Be finally spearhead that long-rumored Sinister Six movie? Time will tell.