Jake Gyllenhaal Says Tom Holland Is The Best Spider-Man Yet


The majority of the public seems to think that Tom Holland gives the best onscreen performance as Spider-Man that we’ve seen so far in the franchise’s history. Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal clearly agrees, too. During a recent interview, the 38-year-old actor couldn’t stop raving about his young Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star and even went so far as to make the claim that the beloved English adolescent is the greatest to ever take on the role.

“When they asked me to be a part of this one I was really excited because I think that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man yet. Tom and I have actually become friends and he’s just a lovely guy.”

Holland was virtually unknown by the majority of audiences when he was first gifted the part of a lifetime in the MCU. In 2016, he made his debut as the web-head in Captain America: Civil War and instantly won over all of the skeptics. His youth, comedic timing and boyish charm all helped assert his place as a fan favorite as he continued to star in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, along with standalone Peter Parker flicks like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home.

Now that the character is out of the MCU, it remains to be seen if Sony can put together a good movie without Marvel’s help. Fans are understandably doubtful, even though Holland clearly thinks the superhero is safe in the studio’s hands. The good news is that he’ll be staying on as everyone’s favorite wise-cracking web-slinger no matter how the negotiations between the two feuding sides shake out.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the actor’s take on Spider-Man in Far From Home, which is still playing in select theaters worldwide. As of right now, it looks like it might be the last movie he ever does for Marvel Studios.

Source: Fandom