Marvel Fans Don’t Think Sony Can Make A Good Spider-Man Movie


Tom Holland says that he believes the Spider-Man franchise is going to get bigger and better from here on out, but fans aren’t so sure. According to a poll conducted by Cosmic Book News, 64% of voters don’t think that Sony is capable of making a good movie revolving around Peter Parker.

While the 4,000 participants may not represent the entirety of the web-head’s fanbase, it’s definitely not a good sign for the company that will now be solely producing Spider-Man films. Following the studio’s split with Disney, Sony has been confident that they don’t need Marvel to succeed. However, a large portion of the public seems to disagree.

The news of the fallout was met with petitions, boycotts and hashtags from outraged fans. Some even suggesting storming the corporation’s headquarters as a form of protest. Clearly, audiences aren’t fully onboard with the changing of the guard.

Sony, however, insists that they’re not to blame for what’s happening and a number of fans, including Stan Lee’s own daughter, are pointing the finger at Disney. Various reports have shown that Sony has proposed deals that are more than fair, only for them to be rejected by executives at the House of Mouse. Disney may have the upper hand right now given the public relations disaster this debacle has been for the other side, but it still might not help them get back the web-slinger.

Regardless, most people don’t care about who’s in the wrong, they just want to see Spider-Man back in the MCU. As the companies continue to negotiate, this latest poll sounds like it’s very representative of what the majority of fans are thinking and this will surely weigh heavy on their minds as they try to hash out a deal with the multimedia conglomerate on the other side of the table.