Save Spider-Man Is Trending On Twitter Following Sony’s Split With Marvel


Twitter is not happy with Sony right now. Following the company’s extremely unpopular split with Marvel Studios, the fate of Spider-Man is currently up in the air. What we know for sure is that the web-head will no longer be a part of the MCU and fans aren’t taking the news lightly. Already, they’ve caused the corporation’s stock to tank, as well as taken to social media to encourage a boycott of everything Sony-related. Now, users are imploring someone to rescue their beloved superhero with #SaveSpiderMan, which is currently among the top trends on Twitter.

It seems like a bot-army may have started this hashtag, but it’s since blown up to epic proportions as plenty of real people have latched on to the sentiment. It’s already been announced that Peter Parker’s story will continue without Marvel, as Sony will make at least two more movies with Tom Holland in the titular role, but many are worried that the overall quality of the franchise may dip now that Kevin Feige and the rest of the MCU are no longer involved.

The good news is that none of this is set in stone. Sources say that a deal could still be reached if both sides are willing. Sony has already expressed an openess to renegotiate in the future, though right now nothing seems imminent. It’s possible that all of these trends and boycotts may make executives more willing to hash out some kind of agreement, but only time will tell.

In any case, this split’s quickly turning into a public relations disaster that could seriously impact the company’s bottom line. Given how profitable the Spider-Man series has been for them under Marvel’s direction, it makes sense for the two organizations to try again before the damage becomes irreparable. As for now though, all fans can do is keep making their voices heard and hope that their outrage will inspire the studios to reconcile.