Spider-Man Deal Reportedly On Hold Due To Apple Possibly Buying Sony


It’s been a real rollercoaster ride for Spider-Man fans lately as we learned a few weeks ago that the web-slinger was out of the MCU due to a breakdown of negotiations between Disney and Sony. Ever since, new reports and rumors have made it clear that the door is perhaps not fully closed on a new deal being brokered and the latest update on the ongoing saga concerns the possibility that Apple may buy out Sony Pictures.

As we’ve previously explained, if Sony is bought by another company, the rights to Spidey will revert to Marvel Studios. Given that, the latest info on the Disney/Sony situation is that it’s on hold. As TVO of Lords of the Long Box points out, obviously the Mouse House is in no hurry to pay through the nose for the opportunity to use Peter Parker again when, if they’re patient, they may get him back free of charge.

Bear in mind, though, that the Apple buyout is far from confirmed. The company is also said to be considering purchasing other lucrative assets like Lionsgate, A24 or CBSViacom instead. That said, Amazon is said to be considering going for Sony Pictures themselves, too. The reason why both companies are suddenly interested is because they both have, or are working on, streaming sites but neither has their own theatrical production or distribution model.

As things currently stand, though, Sony is moving forward with Spider-Man 3 starring Tom Holland. There also seems to be pretty immediate plans to cross him over with Tom Hardy’s Venom and put him in the rest of their Spidey spinoffs like Morbius. Holland himself is excited for the opportunities he’ll get to undertake under Sony as well, though he’s also reflected on how working for Marvel Studios always felt like home.

Be sure to stay tuned for further developments on the Spider-Man situation as and when they come in.