Holland, Maguire and Garfield recreate classic Spider-Man meme (you know the one)

Image via Sony Pictures

Sony took to Twitter today to announce the release date for No Way Home on Digital and Blu-ray, which excited fans. What was somehow more exciting, though, was the photo used to announce the release.

When news of Spider-Man: No Way Home first dropped and the multiverse was mentioned, many fans hopped to theories involving the other actors who had previously played Spider-Man. One of the big theories/desires was for the three Spider-Men to recreate an iconic meme.

At many premieres, fans came dressed in costume and recreated the memes themselves, thinking they would never see it on-screen or in real life like they wanted. Today though, Sony Pictures took what their fans wanted into consideration in their announcement tweet!

While there was a quick part in the movie that looked to be an attempt and that many fans appreciated, never was it so plainly recreated as it was in this tweet!

As the movie continues to grow in popularity, fan service like this is an amazing way to bring media attention back to it (even though it never really left). Not only was it a great marketing tactic, but a huge shoutout to fans who’ve been there, requesting the three being together since the beginning.

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