Kevin Smith Has His Say On Recent Star Wars/Marvel Rumors


We hope you didn’t buy into the rumor that Kevin Smith was on the verge of directing a Star Wars movie. Or a future installment in the MCU, for that matter.

The comic book scribe and all-around industry veteran took to Twitter yesterday morning to address reports that he had met with Disney’s chief executives about the possibility of helming a top-secret project. Exactly what that gig involved remained a total mystery… and for good reason, as Smith himself has now rubbished the original report claiming he had an open shot at either Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s somewhat disappointing, of course, as Kevin Smith has long proven his directing credentials. Still, with talk that Lucasfilm has hit the pause button on its standalone Star Wars movies, not to mention the fact that all Marvel films beyond Avengers 4 – save for Guardians 3 and Spider-Man: Far From Home – remain smothered in secrecy tells us that the initial rumor was a little suspect to begin with.

Not that it matters much now; over on Twitter (h/t, Smith addressed the rumor head-on, and admitted that there’s simply no truth to the recent allegations.

Smith has always been pretty open and forthcoming on his shows (read: Hollywood Babble-On and Fat Man on Batman), so we’re inclined to believe him when he says that, at least for now, there’s nothing in the pipeline from either Star Wars or Marvel.

And barring one or two hitches in Lucasfilm’s far-away galaxy, both franchises continue to rake in the big bucks, with Star Wars: Episode IX expected to close the book on this Sequel Trilogy next Christmas.

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