Kevin Smith In Talks With Disney To Direct A New Film, But Is It Marvel Or Star Wars?


Kevin Smith knows a thing or two about movies.

Throughout his long and celebrated career, he’s been involved in practically every part of the filmmaking process, writing and producing projects like Clerks and Dogma, all the while directing episodes of The Flash over on The CW.

More recently, though, Smith has doubled down on movie commentary, what with the likes of Hollywood Babble-On, Spoilers and his long-running Fat Man on Batman podcast. But it seems he’s got his eye on bigger fish now, as Fandom Wire has learned that the beloved director’s in talks with Disney to helm a new film for them. The only question, is, will it be something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or a project set in that galaxy far, far away? Unfortunately, no further information was revealed, but it’s not hard to put the pieces together.

Firstly, let’s rule out that Smith would be considering something outside of Marvel or Star Wars. He’s a talented guy, sure, but somehow we don’t see him fitting well with one of the Mouse House’s live-action remakes of their classic films, which they seem to be pumping out at an alarming rate these days.

So, that pretty much leaves us with the two aforementioned franchises. And we already know that Disney’s not taking anymore risks when it comes to directors on Star Wars movies. Not that Smith’s a risk per se, but he doesn’t have any experience helming big budget blockbusters on that scale. Combine that with the fact that he’s a huge superhero/comic book fan, and the idea of the director tackling something in the MCU actually seems like a pretty appealing idea. Not to mention one that audiences could surely get behind.

As Fandom Wire points out, this isn’t a done deal just yet, but it’s certainly exciting to think about and once we hear more on what Kevin Smith has his eye on, we’ll be sure to let you know.