Kevin Smith Hints That Green Lantern May Be In The Suicide Squad

Green Lantern Corps

As you may have heard, director James Gunn very recently put much speculation to bed when revealing the full cast for The Suicide Squad. For months now, we’ve all been wondering who’s staying and who’s going, and we finally got some answers.

Still, there are some big blanks left to be filled. It’s yet to be confirmed who Idris Elba is playing, though it’s most likely safe to say he’s Bronze Tiger. Another fella who continues to mystify us though is that of Nathan Fillion.

While discussing Task Force X’s next cinematic outing on his Fatman Beyond podcast, filmmaker and comic book writer Kevin Smith threw an idea out there, saying:

“So, he’s gonna be in Suicide Squad? Who do you think he could be playing? Oh my God, I don’t know s***, but let’s just play around because it’s fun. Suicide Squad, they’re f****** around with it, it’s set in the DC Universe. Ain’t nobody married to any more continuity. This guy’s Batman and that ain’t Ben Affleck, and this guy’s the Joker, but that ain’t that person. What if Nathan Fillion is playing Batman? That would be genius casting.”

Though I highly doubt Fillion is Batman, Smith has a point about loose continuity in DC movies going forward. Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa are still Wonder Woman and Aquaman, respectively, but Robert Pattinson is now Batman. Meanwhile, Margot Robbie will yet again suit up as Harley Quinn in both Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad, but it’s very doubtful we’ll see Jared Leto as the Joker ever again – and that same character is being played by Joaquin Phoenix in a standalone picture.

But when co-host Marc Bernardin brought up the possibility of Green Lantern, Smith entertained that idea as well, adding:

“You might be onto something because based on a little information that I know from an undetermined source, that would play. Wow, I hadn’t even thought of that.”

For those unfamiliar, Fillion has voiced Hal Jordan in numerous animated movies such as Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis and Reign of the Supermen. That said, I’d think his experience voicing the character in animation would seemingly prohibit him from doing likewise in live action, but you never know.

The Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 6th, 2021.