Kevin Smith Says That Marvel Movies Are As Good As Sex

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

When it comes to movies, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fanbase more passionate than the one behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s not surprising, after all. The comics which the films are based on have been around for nearly a century, and plenty of geeks, nerds and everything in between waited a long time to see their favorite superheroes and villains battle it out on screen. Of course, Marvel Studios has done a marvelous job at catering to casual observers and diehard fans alike, with a focus on humor, style, and a lovable roster of characters.

It’ll probably come as no surprise that filmmaker Kevin Smith – who also happens to be a huge comic book fan – has thoroughly enjoyed the MCU, so much so that he made a rather humorous comparison on Twitter. As you can see down below, the mind behind Clerks and Dogma recently celebrated his 49th birthday and when he was offered a gift by his wife, actress and retired reporter Jennifer Schwalbach, Smith opted to watch Avengers: Endgame with his beau, as opposed to engaging in more intimate activity.

Hilariously, Kevin joked that he and his wife had a great time, and capped off his tweet by saying Marvel movies are almost “as good as sex.” Unsurprisingly, the post has proven popular among his fans – it’s already been retweeted over 1000 times and has racked up nearly 20,000 likes. When it came to replies, some fans were puzzled that Smith enjoyed the MCU this much, while others praised him for having a good time on his birthday.

Regardless, it’s clear that Kevin Smith has a sense of humor, especially since the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot seems to poke fun at comic book movies. If you decide to check out the film’s trailer though, be warned, as it’s definitely NSFW.