Kevin Smith Has Seen Avengers: Infinity War A Shocking Number Of Times


Most of us would be lucky to find any movie we love as much as Kevin Smith loves Avengers: Infinity War, with the filmmaker and podcaster repeatedly going on record to express his affection for the Marvel megahit, but even knowing this, it’s a little shocking to learn the number of times that he’s actually sat down and watched this two-and-a-half-hour film since its release.

In a recent interview with IMDb, Smith was asked to name his favorite movie of 2018. Before answering the question, the longtime comic book fan offered a little build-up:

“We’ve seen many sequels, we’ve seen trilogies in this business, but we ain’t never seen nothing like my favorite movie of 2018…”

Seeing how Smith has already publicly declared Infinity War to be the best picture of the year (and “the best movie ever made” if he smokes two joints while watching), it comes as no surprise to hear him offer the same answer to host Tim Kash. Smith went on to explain his choice briefly.

“It’s so insanely satisfying,” he said. “Rewatchable like you wouldn’t believe.”

This claim prompted Kash to ask Smith how many times he’s watched the film, and based on the counter on his iTunes account, Smith’s answer was 48.

To put this figure into perspective, 48 Avengers: Infinity War viewings is equivalent to watching the film on a loop for roughly 5 days straight, and seeing how the movie has been out for slightly over 7 months, that’s quite a feat.

Nonetheless, there are MCU enthusiasts out there who saw the flick significantly more times while it was still in cinemas, with one teenager in Britain reportedly attending 100 screenings of the feature within the first 44 days of its theatrical run. Now there’s a figure that fans may struggle to beat when Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26th, 2019.