One Avengers: Infinity War Fan Has Already Seen The Film 100 Times


You may like to think of yourself as a huge Marvel fan, but chances are your superhero obsession isn’t quite at the levels reached by seventeen-year-old Kieron Harvey, who reportedly watched Avengers: Infinity War a staggering 100 times within the first 44 days of the blockbuster being in cinemas.

The teenager from Staffordshire, England seems a little surprised himself at the level of dedication he’s shown, despite having a history of showing up to theaters a whole load of times to see Marvel characters on the big screen.

I really didn’t plan on seeing it this many times it just sort of happened, I go to the cinema an awful lot anyway, I saw Black Panther 30 times and so far have seen the new Deadpool 20 times.

However Avengers just felt so different to anything I’ve ever seen before, and I just love it so much so have been going as much as I can! As soon as the trailer was released I thought, I’m going to watch this a hell of a lot but I just thought I’d reach 40, maybe pushing 50, but here we are at 100 and it’s crazy.

If your first reaction upon hearing this news was to wince at the amount the teen’s parents must have spent on this, Harvey has an explanation for how he was able to afford so many viewings in less than 2 months:

I do have a limitless card which is why I go to the cinema so much. I’ve only missed about three days this year so far where I haven’t been at the cinema. So that cost just under £200, which isn’t bad going for the amount I should be paying on Avengers alone!

Most of the time I’ve been by myself, I don’t know anyone who could keep up with the amount I go! However sometimes I’ll go with my parents if they want to see it again, and I have been with friends a few times but the majority of the time I’ve been going solo.

Even with the costs covered, though, the endeavor required a fair amount of time and planning, with Kiernon explaining:

I’d look at cinema times in the morning and plan my day to see which screenings I could make it to and it seems to have escalated quite far. Because it’s such a huge film there were many screenings on, almost every screen was showing it so that helped me view it a lot each day – if it was only on a couple of screens, there’s no way I’d be anywhere near as high a number I am now.

The most I’ve done in a day is four I believe, and I did four on opening day! The midnight premiere then three after college. I was surprised I managed to do it considering after the midnight premiere I was speechless and didn’t know what I’d just watched, it just felt crushing. But that soon changed in a matter of hours!

So, is this time well spent, or a case of fandom gone too far? And more importantly, will Kieron Harvey be able to beat his own record when the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War drops on May 3rd? Sound off with your thoughts down below!