Kevin Smith Has A Theory About That Avengers 4 Photo, And It’s Pretty Disappointing


Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo have surely been having a great laugh at our expense with their recently posted teaser image. The overly bright and mysterious photo shared by the brothers via Twitter has invited a range of theories of varying degrees of plausibility, but if Kevin Smith’s new idea actually turns out to be correct, then the Russos must be even bigger trolls than we thought.

As a filmmaker himself, Smith perhaps has the advantage of being able to get into the mind of one, and what’s significant to a director can often seem of little consequence to the fan. With that being said, Smith’s theory doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility, but it would certainly leave a lot of people feeling disappointed if it turned out to be true.

“It looked like a taillight to me,” he said during the latest episode of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast. “Which, if you’ve wrapped, that’s like, ‘Taillights Fade,’ you’re done. But that’s just a guess.”

If what the Russos photographed was little more than a taillight, then the pair have definitely played a pretty cruel joke on fans who’ve agonized over the pic.

But while Smith isn’t seeing anything to get too excited about in the image, he’s evidently feeling pretty pumped for the movie itself.

“I can’t wait to see that movie,” he continued. “We just have to live until May, that’s it. I’ve watched Infinity War…hands down, 25 times since it came out [on home media]. It’s my go-to movie for whenever I’m bored, I’m like, ‘I’m going to f***ing watch it.’ It’s so utterly f***ing watchable.”

Smith goes on to say that the Avengers: Infinity War sequel has a lot to live up to, and coming from the same guy who claimed weed makes the Russos’ latest film the best movie ever made, that’s probably an understatement.

As for what that image could be, one of the most popular theories circulating is that the pictured object is Iron Man’s proton cannon, which some fans believe was previously shown in that other mysterious image the Russo Brothers shared last month. At this rate, though, the speculation may well continue until Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.