Kevin Spacey Has Reportedly Gone MIA


The Kevin Spacey scandal continues to fester, and last we reported, the disgraced actor was said to be seeking “evaluation and treatment.” There’s been no statement from him ever since, though, and according to ET Online, that’s because he’s been completely off the grid.

From what we understand, the House of Cards star has gone MIA lately, as he’s quickly realized how grave of a situation he’s in. Apparently, a source close to the actor told ET the following:

“He has not been communicating with people in his inner circle since. He’s been MIA, even from those closest to him. He realizes how terrible this is and he knows the chances of him getting good work in this town again are very slim.”

Unfortunately, that’s all we have to go on at the moment, but it makes sense that Spacey’s in crisis mode right now. After all, his career is very likely done and we don’t imagine he’ll ever act again. At least, not in Hollywood. Even outside of Tinseltown, though, the chances of anyone hiring him for a production are slim to none and while actors and actresses make comebacks all the time, returning to stardom after a scandal like this is virtually impossible.

Not only is his reputation completely tarnished, but he’d also be box office poison for any film he appears in, as audiences would surely stay far, far away. Ditto for any TV show or stage play, too. In short, no one’s going to be very eager to cast Kevin Spacey again. Especially not after so many disturbing stories of his on set behavior have surfaced. Like we said above, there’s really no coming back from this.

When the actor will pop his head out next, or make some kind of statement, remains unclear, but it may be some time before we hear from him – if he ever decides to show his face again at all. I mean, with his money and resources he could potentially just slip off the grid and start a new life, and he may very well have to should things worsen.

For now, though, we’ll continue to keep a close eye on the situation and will let you know as soon as anything else on the matter comes to light.