Kevin Spacey’s Alleged Behavior On House Of Cards Was Well Known Among The Crew


As the Kevin Spacey saga continues to fester, a number of crew members behind House of Cards have now come forward to BuzzFeed with allegations that Spacey’s inappropriate, “predatory” behavior was well known among the show’s directors and producers.

The report, which was first published on Monday, alleges that Spacey developed a reputation for sexual misconduct, and frequently abused his power on the Netflix flagship to prey on younger men. And at least based on these new statements, key members of the House of Cards team were seemingly complicit in the cover-up, as one anonymous crew member told BuzzFeed:

They knew about his behavior toward younger men specifically on set. They were all watching…and they see behavior on camera and off camera that was uncomfortable and unprofessional. Unprofessional for a set, to be honest.

Another staffer, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, called Beau Willimon’s recent omission into question:

I saw that Beau said he had no idea, which I know is completely false. They had production meetings about Spacey’s flirtatious behavior toward crew and cast, and it never made it any further than that. It was like a joke.

In light of last week’s damning accusations, Netflix has halted all production on House of Cards, and later confirmed that the show’s sixth season, which is tentatively on course for a premiere in 2018, would be its last. The online streamer is said to be considering multiple spinoff series without Kevin Spacey, though we can’t imagine they’ll get off the ground anytime soon, even if they reshift the focus to Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) and/or Claire Underwood (Wonder Woman‘s Robin Wright).

Elsewhere, Kevin Spacey’s All the Money in the World has been pulled from the American Film Institute’s AFI Fest, and we can’t imagine the Ridley Scott drama will be the last project to be affected by this scandal.

Source: BuzzFeed