Kevin Spacey Spotted At Arizona Rehab Clinic; Baby Driver Co-Star Ansel Elgort Weighs In On “Shocking” Allegations


It’s going on two weeks since Kevin Spacey‘s PR team cut through all of the damning, deeply troubling accusations to announce that the suspended House of Cards actor was seeking “treatment and evaluation,” and the silence from Spacey’s camp has been deafening.

The allegations, spanning from the mid-1980s right up to 2016, continue to mount, leading many to conclude that the actor’s long-running career now lies in ruin – even if House of Cards is unable to reach its sixth and final season without his involvement.

Fast forward to now, and after reports suggested that Kevin Spacey had gone completely MIA, UK tabloid the Daily Mail has uncovered a string of photos that see the actor attending a luxury rehab clinic in Arizona. The center, which is said to cost upwards of $36,000 a month, is allegedly also treating Harvey Weinstein for sex addiction, after multiple women came forward to accuse the media mogul of sexual abuse and/or harassment and, by effect, uncover a web of corruption spanning decades.

Spacey, meanwhile, has lost the respect of his peers – Jon Bernthal included, after The Punisher actor admitted that Kevin Spacey’s behavior strayed dangerously close to bullying during the production of Baby Driver. His co-star Ansel Elgort, who played the titular getaway driver, has now echoed those comments, revealing that he was deeply shocked by recent revelations.

I think what’s happening right now in the industry is people are standing up and saying that certain ways of the industry are no longer acceptable or in life in general. The world should be a safer place where sexual harassment is not acceptable.

It’s a troubling time for Hollywood overall, though, what with people coming forward with allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, Ed Westwick, Dustin Hoffman, and, more recently, Charlie Sheen, who was last week accused of sodomizing Corey Haim when he was only 13-years-old.