Kirsten Dunst really wants in on the ‘Spider-Man’ multiverse

Spider-Man Mary Jane

When Spider-Man: No Way Home released in 2021, it featured a number of heroes and villains from past Peter Parker films, but none of the love interests.Tobey Maguire’s Mary Jane, Kirsten Dunst, really wants to change that.

“You know I’d join that multiverse! I feel like I’m the only one that hasn’t joined it. I’m like, ‘please put me in. Put me in the lineup.’ I need to pay for my house and kids.”

The Oscar-nominated The Power of the Dog actress, alongside partner and co-star Jesse Plemons, made the comments in an interview with Backstage published yesterday. The piece focused on her career to date, and how she likes to disappear into roles, and Dunst made the comments above towards the end of the chat. This is not the first time she has indicated a desire to go back to her Marvel heritage, either. We reported last month she said something similar to Deadline Hollywood, and at the time Dunst indicated no one had come to talk to her about anything with her character.

“There’s still time, I mean, listen, no one’s asked me about anything but I do think that … I mean, this multi-universe just keeps going on and on. I wouldn’t … I feel like that could happen.”

She’s not wrong. If Patrick Stewart can return as Charles Xavier in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness despite dying twice already in two different continuities, there is hope for anyone to make a comeback. There’s also the possibility something could just be secret now, so, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.