Krampus Director Michael Dougherty To Helm Godzilla 2 For Legendary


After being tapped to lead the studio’s writers room, Variety has learned that Krampus helmer Michael Dougherty has now been elected director on Godzilla 2.

Tentatively titled Godzilla: King of Monsters, Dougherty initially signed on with co-writer Zach Shields to hash out a screenplay for Gojira’s next cinematic outing. That was back in October of last year and since then, Dougherty’s work in the writing room has clearly impressed Legendary brass to the extent that they’re willing to give the horror filmmaker a crack at helming a bona fide blockbuster. An exercise in risk-taking? Or a suitably monstrous vote of confidence? We’ll leave that one to you.

Whatever side of the fence you find yourself on, Michael Dougherty will now fill the director’s chair left vacant by Gareth Edwards, who parted ways with Legendary’s apex predator to take the reins on Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryKing of Monsters is being angled as the third entry into Legendary’s so-called MonsterVerse after 2014’s Godzilla and the upcoming Kong: Skull Island. A March 22, 2019 release date is in place, and early reports have claimed that the sequel will make room for some of the more iconic monsters from Toho’s prestigious vault – think Rodan, Mothra, and even Ghidorah. Still no official confirmation on what’s in store for Gojira, but now that Michael Dougherty has officially been appointed director on Godzilla 2, expect more information to seep online sooner rather than later.

Godzilla: King of Monsters has been earmarked for March 22, 2019, while Godzilla vs. Kong is tentatively slated for May 29, 2020. In two months’ time, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts will introduce Gojira’s new opponent when Kong: Skull Island slams into theaters on March 10th.

Source: Variety