Kristen Stewart’s Snow White And The Huntsman Is Now A Trilogy

In an effort to further seperate Snow White and the Huntsman from the competing Snow White project from Relativity Media, Universal Pictures and the producers of Huntsman have announced that the film will now be a trilogy a la Lord of the Rings. Whether a trilogy was planned all along or was a recent revelation is unclear.

Snow White and the Huntsman will star Twilight‘s Bella Swan, better known as Kristen Stewart, and Thor star Chris Hemsworth. Supporting them will be Charlize Theron playing the villainous evil Queen Ravenna while Eddie Izzard, Robert Hoskins, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Stephen Graham, Eddie Marsan and Toby Jones play the seven dwarves.

Snow White and the Huntsman is based on the dark fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. When Queen Ravenna finds out that Snow White is about to become the fairest beauty in the land, she drives her from the castle. While Snow White is taken in by a group of helpful dwarves, the Queen hires the Huntsman to kill her.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with producer Joe Roth who said that Snow White and the Huntsman will have an ending but that it will leave unanswered questions related to the three main characters. There are also comparisons to Stewart’s Twilight as Hemsworth’s Huntsman will have competition for Snow White’s affections. Sam Claflin, who played the young priest in the recent Pirates of the Caribbean, will play the role of Prince Charmant.

Snow White and the Huntsman goes into production this August and is scheduled to open June 1st, 2012.

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